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For the past 5 years I have run Superbowl Squares as a fundraiser toward my MS Challenge Walk and it has been a huge success! I was able to raise $1,000 for the MS Society in addition to paying out $1,000 cash lucky winners ! I thought that it would be great to run it again this year for the 2017 MS Challenge Walk so I can make my goal of raising $5,000 as well as pay out $1,000 to my friends just for watching football!

The details are below. If you have any questions or concern please let me know ( and feel free to pass this along if you think anyone else would be interested in joining.


1. $20 per square, 100 square grid. You can buy as many squares as you would like. 

2. Grid squares will be assigned at random (I will pick a number 1-100 out of a hat and assign you that square on the grid starting left to right, top to bottom). *I will not assign you a square until you have sent or given me money for the square!*

3. Numbers for AFC and NFC will be assigned once all of the squares are purchased, again assigned at random (I will pick a number 0-9 out of a hat and assign each row/column starting left to right first then top to bottom)

4. I will send a scanned version of the final sheet prior to the game to all that are participating via email so everyone has a copy. 

5. Payouts are as follows: $2,000 pot in total. $1,000 will go towards my MS 2017 Challenge Walk fundraising efforts. $200 will go towards the winner of Q1, Q2 and Q3. $400 will go towards the winner of the final score. * In the case of overtime, the overtime score counts as the final score. There is only 1 final score/Q4 winner *.

That's about it! I hope everyone will take advantage of not only giving to a worthy cause but taking the chance at winning $1,000! 

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support, love and encouragement not only with supporting my never end fundraising efforts for MS but for the everyday support I continue to get. It means the world to me!

All the Best & Good Luck!


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